Prospero, Reviews Editor on. Temperature Concerning heat the Aspire G is positively unspectacular. Rounding out the software front are full versions of Microsoft Works 9. Acer actually comes forward with 3D technology with the G model. Crysis The notoriously hardware hungry Crysis brings even the Aspire G to its knees.

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At only 50 percent of full volume, music and movies easily filled a small conference room. On the inside, however, it’s reminiscent of acer aspire 5740g Aspire G.

Raising the level of details and the resolution naturally worsened the problem. Upgrading the internal memory or the hard drive is. The only exception, however, is the back of the lid, which is a weak point in more affordable laptops.

Acer Aspire 5740G

The DGG64Mn is acer aspire 5740g part of family, too, to be precise: How the Aspire G fares here, we will see in the next part of the review where we deal with various games. An Atheros AR5B93 wireless module is used for wireless connections.

This is also true for the Aspire G. The feedback is very direct and the keyboard is quiet, even when typing energetically. Acer aspire 5740g is 57400g of all glossy display, reflections are a common. After all, no one wants to have a laptop that is as loud as a plane in his living room.


Acer aspire 5740g homepage Acer notebook section. Dimming the brightness might just help you squeeze out another minute or two. We streamed full-screen episodes of 24 over Hulu without any buffering.

Acer extends its successful Aspire lineup with the G series.

Product support

There are no sharp corners or edges. Startcraft 2 is playable on medium and high settings. Its minimum settings require acer aspire 5740g desktop version of the nVidia or an ATI x At 23 degrees room temperature the upper left corner at the bottom was the only part to surpass 40 degrees Celsius.

We crashed our beautiful car three times before we managed to finally finish the lap in our fourth attempt. It feels very robust and stablethough. During acer aspire 5740g time, the notebook consumed an average of The integrated Mobility Radeon HD has no problem topping these.

Acer Aspire 5740G Reviewed: Great Graphics and Core i5 Power for Less Than $800

Acer claims that, using the required 3D prism glasses, effects akin a 3D digital cinema are possible. The dark design of the Acer aspire 5740g G is rather unobtrusive and conservative, thereby keeping it from sticking out too much in public.


Acer aspire 5740g entry-level to mid-range graphics adapter is capable of handling recent games. Still, only medium settings let the game run totally smoothly.

Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. Right below this are two dedicated volume buttons. The Vertical viewing angles are not among the best, too.

Review Acer Aspire G Notebook – Reviews

So, the touchpad is not centered, but has acer aspire 5740g moved a little to the left, directly in front of the space bar. Blue LED lighting beneath the power button complements a glossy midnight blue lid.

But more about that later. In general the key size is alright, but, Fn and ESC key had to shrink, because of the xspire space.