Capture Select capture to take a picture of the current view. Your camera is now registered and configured. Your credentials are only used locally by javascript to generate a URL for your camera. The default user name and password are: Yoics will automatically detect your new ASTAK camera and you should see a pop-up window asking if you want to register you new product. Click this box if you want a picture to also be sent to you.

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Astak ip-700 it can be difficult to remote access your camera. Step 4 Please check the Network Indicator on the front of the camera to make sure that the light is green; this indicates that the camera is connected astak ip-700 the Internet. Do not put this product in very dry or dusty areas.

Camera controls up down right left: Selecting this option will place astak ip-700 name of your camera which you can select at the top left corner of your video.

We provide no warranty that you will be successful using these connection URLs or that Astak products are compatible with iSpy. How to use www.

This software allows a greater viewing experience by allowing stream feed, simply select install to add this to your browser.

SSL settings are required. A popup window will appear that lists available wireless networks in astak ip-700 location.


Care and Maintenance 1. If you choose Fixed IP address, you will need to enter all your information manually. Deselect this option and select Apply to have the image flipped horizontally. You must first insert astak ip-700 SD card into the camera for this to occur. For example, you astak ip-700 choose astzk Indoor or Outdoor selection when the camera is placed indoors or outdoors.

CM-IP700 WIRELESS NETWORK CAMERA User Manual CM-IP700 user’s manual Astak, Inc.

This section will walk you through the various menus and submenus available to you. You can also adjust the placement of your window by clicking anywhere inside the window astak ip-700 dragging it to where you want it to astak ip-700. Request A Quote Products.

You can turn authentication on or off.

What is the Mole

A lower number means that astak ip-700 window will not be very motion-sensitive; a higher number means that the window will be extremely motion-sensitive. Do not put this astak ip-700 in damp places nor places with large fluctuations in temperature.

If there is no green light, then recheck your router to make sure that it is working and also check that the Ethernet cable is securely plugged into the camera and router. Enter hostname, username, and password you created for DynDNS service. Click Ip-70 astak ip-700 apply. You can also choose to automatically adjust the date and time for daylight savings time changes by clicking the checkbox at the bottom of astak ip-700 page. Astak ip-700 credentials are only astak ip-700 locally by javascript to generate a URL for your camera.


If you registered with Yoics already, you have the option of disabling Yoics support and unregistering with Yoics. The default values are: Please see next page for setup info.

Astak IP Manuals

Click on the speaker icon right above to turn the audio off. Please check with your email provider for the port number and if any security e. Brightness, chrominance, astak ip-700, saturation, and image quality. Asttak on your network connection, it may take up to 5 minutes for your camera to be astak ip-700. Please follow your local government’s environmental protection policies. If you want to astak ip-700 the Mirror image, simply deselect this box and select Apply.

Record The record function allows you to record a video stream to the astak ip-700 that you are viewing the camera from.