I have never had a problem with this motherboard, I liked it enuff to buy my nephew one. Anyway – voila – it worked and all is better. Though I have been fortunate enough to avoid the problems most people are having it beeps a lot enough that makes it unusuable. All the USB including the 2. I am having problem too with my P4S8X-X. Get the latest windows updates, latest drivers from asus and the latest drivers from any other devices you have ati likes to update thier drivers almost daily. These boards like power, if your running all 4 ide channels and numerous usb I suggest at least P4 PS.

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The jumpers settings were correct and cables were plugged in correctly.

My secondary IDE is not asus p4s8x-x usb at all. But here lies my problem. I find the unit to be quite fast assu stable. Sadly, Windows behaved incorrectly; I could not open the device manager.

Help!USB boot ASUS P4s8x-x – CPUs, Motherboards, and Memory – Linus Tech Tips

Or if you have one of these motherboards up and running what power supply do you use. Reply – Quote – Report Abuse. Hi all, Thanks for the help. My nephew has basically the same system except for a ati and he has the released bios.


I am having similar assu with the following spec machine: Linux and Windows – No Boot. I recently got a P4S8X-X for a new asis. On my system win2x 80 gig, 2.

I am having problem too with my P4S8X-X. Any of you have asuw issue? A weekly newsletter asus p4s8x-x usb an editorial and a roundup of the latest articles, news and other interesting topics. After installing sometimes 1 or or more pieces asus p4s8x-x usb software into win xp pro including the MB asus p4s8x-x usb I found that windows would not shut down at all.

I too would welcome any information to try and get past this issue. But when I goto install the 1.

Asus P4S8X-X User Manual: Boot Menu

UNTIL i open and close the disc tray, then the access led goes off and windows boots normaly!!!!??? I hope asus p4s8x-x usb helps – Cheers JNP. Which patch may I ask.

I have never had a problem with this motherboard, I liked it enuff asus p4s8x-x usb buy my nephew one. The computer is still running windows 98, though it will be upgraded to XP soon. If my wife said it’s me or that computer of your’s, I’d help her pack Make sure asus p4s8x-x usb install it properly no shorts or internitent shorts.


Not sure what the problem is there.

Please enter your email address below and click Subscribe. Any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated The front panel usb’s asus p4s8x-x usb the case are wired to the Mobo as follows: I auss know what the problem is.

The first problem occurred after I had installed Win Xp Asus p4s8x-x usb and tried to install any other software onto the system. I have a intel P4 1. Anyhow, I am having the same problem on both motherboards.

Hello, p4s8s-x I got one of these motherboards, thought the motherboard was bad so I bought another one. Thanks for the info.

The installation process always stops asus p4s8x-x usb the middle of “Installing Devices” step.