If you again type an incorrect or incomplete system password, the same message appears on the screen. Even after your computer is turned off and on, the previous message is displayed each time you type an incorrect or incomplete system password. To change a jumper setting, pull the plug off its pin s and carefully fit it down onto the pin s indicated. Although passwords provide security for the data on your computer, they are not foolproof. If the new system password is less than 32 characters, the whole field fills with placeholders. Dell recommends that you use a Kensington lock. Otherwise, damage to your computer or unpredictable results can occur.

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Before you purchase an antitheft device, make sure that it works with the security cable slot on your computer. Connectors and media devices that are deactivated make resources available. To make sure your device is bootable, dell optiplex gx270 usb the device documentation.

To assign a new password, follow the procedure in ” Assigning optiples System Password. If Not Enabled is displayed, the system password is deleted.

The following table lists the sleep states and the methods you can use to wake the computer from each state. The two options are 3.

Periodic heartbeats have been transmitted to verify system presence. Dell optiplex gx270 usb you begin any of the procedures in this section, follow the steps in ” Safety Instructions.


The fields that you can change appear bright on the screen. You must restart the computer to effect the changes. If you have assigned a setup password, the computer accepts your setup password as an alternate system password.

dell optiplex gx270 usb Read Only prevents the computer’s integrated floppy drive controller from writing to floppy drives and activates Auto. Your computer can gx2700 set to use less power when you are not working. As you press delk character key or the spacebar for a blank spacea placeholder appears in the field. At the bottom of the menu, enter the number of the device that is to be used for the current boot only. Booting to a USB Device.

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This process erases both the system and setup passwords. These periods of de,l power are called “sleep states”:. Password features are disabled. This re-enables the password feature.

Cycles through the options in dell optiplex gx270 usb field. With the standard cabling configuration, Diskette Drive A the boot floppy drive is the 3. Auto turns off the integrated floppy drive controller when necessary to accommodate a controller uxb installed in an expansion slot.

Dell recommends that you use a Kensington lock. The next time you optipled system setupthe computer prompts you for the setup password. While many programs can benefit from Hyper-Threading, some programs have not been optimized for Dell optiplex gx270 usb and may require an update from the software manufacturer. ASF is designed to supersede previous operating system-absent alerting technologies. You cannot change or enter a new system password if either of the following two options is displayed:.


LegacySelect technology control offers legacy-full, legacy-reduced, or legacy-free dell optiplex gx270 usb based on common platforms, hard-drive images, and help desk procedures.

The third and subsequent times you type an incorrect or incomplete system password, the computer displays the following message:.

Advanced Features: Dell OptiPlex GX Systems User’s Guide

Depending on your computer and installed devices, all of the items listed in the section may or may not appear. The settings are not available when Mode is set dell optiplex gx270 usb Off. Before touching anything inside your computer, ground yourself by touching an unpainted metal surface, such as the metal at the back of the computer.

If you type a wrong or iptiplex system password, the following message appears on the screen:.