I have to plug and unplug over and over to get it to finally load the driver, then it works fine. They are the recommended GPS modules for use with Paparazzi autopilots. Drotek’s u-Blox GPS boards work well and are not expensive. One other thing – I don’t think it’s a driver issue. Download the appropriate configuration file below and use u-center to load in onto your receiver. The CD wouldn’t load at all.

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In one formerly reliable Paparazzi aircraft began having great GPS problems and displaying very erratic altitude calculations, disabling WAAS immediately resolved the issue and this phenomenon was recreated several times for verification.

U-blox 5 gps receiver the latest u-Center v8. One other thing – I don’t think it’s a driver issue. G0 GPS module features a large ground plane with optional ground plane skirt, as well as RF shielding on the back of the module.

You know how they are, they don’t take back opened software. Originally Posted by glennw If you try it on another computer and have the same problem, Best Buy should exchange it.

Also a battery has to be added with an appropriate charging resistor to enable RTC functionality. NOTE U-blox 5 gps receiver on your connection method and your udev configuration your serial device may have a different u-nlox. They are the recommended GPS modules for use with Paparazzi autopilots. That will give you a 3d GPS fix within seconds.


The CD wouldn’t load at all.

G5020-1 V1.1 u-blox 5 GPS Receiver Module

Navigation menu Personal tools Log u-blox 5 gps receiver. I think its with the u-blox also. If you have a GPS receiver you have used with Paparazzi that is not listed here, it would be great if you could add that information to this page.

When using the G0 GPS unit on a u-blos it results in less u-blox 5 gps receiver when taking off the ground, and improves GPS lock when flying from waypoint to waypoint. But be aware that a wrong configuration can cause Paparazzi not acquiring any GPS lock for sometimes hard to find reasons. What do you mean by intermittent USB connector on the u-blox?

A lot more devices will work flawlessly with Paparazzi.

I’ve read every thread I can find, and still can’t get this working with Microsoft Streets and Trips. Just enable the UCenter Module in your airframe file and Paparazzi will configure the module for best performance without the need for user interaction.

They do not gpd complete boards to end users.

u-Blox 5 GPS and Galileo receiver not recognized by Streets & Trips – Laptop GPS World

A very special receiver is the OpenSource almost all This page was last modified on 13 Octoberat Basic compatibility with Windows, Mac and Linux. You didn’t say if this was a recent purchase or u-blox 5 gps receiver the unit had been working before.


See Get Hardware for sources of assembled boards. Communication Mailing list Gitter chat Contact Wiki account. This Paparazzi wiki is not intended to repeat already available information, some is added here.

I keep getting this error with u-blox 5 gps receiver nice shiny Tiny v2. Retrieved from ” http: You can also use the u-blox UCenter module which will take over the task of initializing the GPS for u-blox 5 gps receiver when you power your autopilot.

The jumpers adjacent to the TTL interface connectors need to be closed with low value resistors for paparazzi uart port use.

u-blox launches revolutionary 50-channel LEA-5 GPS module series

Have you tried it on another USB port or better yet another machine? Programming it is similar to the Tiny2. Gls list is by far not complete. Views Read View source View history.